[Update] NFL Draft Roundup/Open Thread: Rooting For Price, ATV, Carter & All Other Bruins

Bumped. Let's use this as the open thread for the Draft tonight. You can watch it online via Also A has a guess thread up around the festivities. GO BRUINS. - N

So the NFL is having its big Draft Party tonight. I am sure a lot of us will be either tuning in or keeping track of it to find out where this guy end up:

Of course all of us here know the story of Price which goes way beyond football. Brian is not the only Bruin we are going to be pulling for through next few days of this year's Draft. More after the jump.

We are also going to be pulling for ATV (you are going to need more than an hour to get through this!):


Then again when I think of ATV, I think of this kid. We will also be pulling for Reggie to keep it going at the next level:

ATV will probably going somewhere in the late rounds. Mocking The Draft speculated that ATV has a chance to sneak up on the draft boards because talent is a little light at the CB position. Carter hopes to follow him as well. Still all eyes will be on Price.

Right now it looks like he might not go in the first round. The SBN mock draft projects him to go to New York Giants at number 45 (here is the Price profile on Mocking The Draft). Most of the other projections have him out of first round as well. Although Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News projects Price to New Orleans in the first round.  Mark Whicker from the OC Register called Gosselin "usually the most accurate mock drafter in the media." Who knows right now.

Gold did a story on all the Bruin prospects in which BRO's Brandon Huffman offered the following take on Price:

An influx of talent at the defensive tackle position, combined with the position not being a first- or second-round priority for many teams has Price slipping.

Nebraska's Ndamukong Suh is expected to be selected by Detroit with the No. 2 pick, Oklahoma's Gerald McCoy by Tampa Bay with the third pick, and several other defensive tackles have risen ate in mock drafts, including Tennessee's Dan Williams, Penn State's Jared Odrick and Texas' Lamarr Houston.

"The reason he's dropping is because there has been four months since a game," said West region recruiting manager Brandon Huffman.

"He's never going to wow you in a combine. He's never going to wow you in spandex and a T-shirt. He's like the reverse Darius Heyward-Bey. Put him on the football field, and see what he does."

Brandon as usual is on the money.

There is no way Price will end up with the Niners with it's 3-4 scheme. Yet if he somehow ends up with Coach Singletary's team he will be amazing. Then again knowing the Niners' luck, they will probably end up Jimmy Clausen. Ugh.

Anyway, good luck to Price, ATV, Carter and all other Bruins such as the Bosworth brothers, Ryan Moya and Logan Paulsen who are looking to take the next step. We will be watching and pulling for them all the way.


UPDATE (N): tWWL's Schilly Smith writes her first non-Trogan related article ever as she discovers Brian Price. There is another word for this we use while watching SPTRs: "makeup call." GO BRUINS.

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