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There is nothing like watching UCLA Football during the evening at the Rose Bowl.  There was a much larger crowd than I anticipated and the crowd was eager to see what this Revolver was all about.  Personally, I was a bit disappointed that the offense did not look as sharp as I'd hoped for.  Having said that, the offense was definitley hamstrung by the Touch Rule CRN incorporated.  Prince was running the ball very well and the offense would have been able to sustain drives had the rule not been in place.  On one particular play, the play was designed for a run left which duped the entire defense.  Prince faked the handoff running off RT and if this was a game, Prince would have been in the end zone with his 4.5 speed. 

As I fan, I wanted to see some fireworks but CRN made the correct & prudent choice in ensuring that we did not sustain any major injuries.  Also keep in mind that the D has the advantage of knowing what our O will be running since they've been practicing against this all Spring.  In addition, television has made Spring Scrimmages into a spectacle of sorts but the coaches are more concerned with seeing guys in the right positions and will be evaluating this performance from a different perspective. 


  • Our running game looked better with Coleman running hard AND with physicality.  Prince and Brehaut also looked like they are going to be viable threats as a runner in the Revolver.  We aren't there yet but I'm optimistic that the run game will provide our offense the results it needs to succeed.

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Coleman almost gets into the End Zone


But unlike our game vs Oregon, we get in this time


  • I think this defense will be better than anticipated even with all the guys we lost.  Datone was all over the field and I expect an All Pac 10 type of performance from him this fall.  The team speed on defense is noticeable and although I still have concerns about our DT's, I don't think it's a dire situation. 
  • I'm really starting to come around on Love being moved to LB.  He brought the wood on Coleman jarring the ball loose on a perfect form tackle.  Really hoping Love hits the books so that he can play free because I think he can do some damage.


  •  Death, Taxes and Kai.  We are fortunate to have a weapon like him but we'd all rather have him kicking Xtra points rather than FG's, unless they're the game winning variety of course.  Kai nailed a 57 yarder that barely made it.  Locke also kicked a coffin corner punt inside the 5.  We already knew this but we have the best kicking tandem in all of College Football and it ain't even close.



  •  Fauria and Harkey didn't do much during the scrimmage but our TE's will be one of the best groups in the nation IMO.  We've all read about what a Red Zone weapon Fauria is with his size but don't sleep on Harkey.  He made one of the better catches during the scrimmage for a large gain.


  •  I am really liking our secondary.  We're still young and there is still improvement needed but if guys like Pollard (Pick 6) can provide depth, this will be one of our stronger position groups.  Viney also had a nifty INT as well.

Entire Defense rushing to celebrate Pollard's INT


  • CRN is a master at PR.  As others noted, CRN put Wayne Cook in for a snap for a 1 yard completion.  CRN said that Wayne was being critical of the offense and if Wayne does it again, he was going to bring up this lil' 1 yarder.  Everybody got a good chuckle out of this.




  • Some of the sacks would not have been sacks during a real game.  However, I think it's a little bit of both but our OL needs to provide better protection and the QB's need to get rid of the ball quicker.  I loved seeing Datone doing his lil' dance after each sack but the QB's to me were holding the ball a bit too long for my liking.  Maybe the WR's weren't open or ran the wrong route.  Whatever the issue may be, the team needs to clean this up during the summer and fall.
  • QB accuracy was also an issue.  Saw a lot of throws that were low/high/behind.  Prince threw a low pass to Rosario on an out pattern (I think) to his left that was incomplete.  Brehaut also overthrew Fauria which should never happen considering Fauria is all of 6'7.  There was also a throw down the right sideline by Brehaut after a pump fake to Mavray that should have been a TD.  Brehaut didn't put enough air under the ball which barely got over Viney (couldn't tell if he was able to tip it) which Mavray couldn't handle. 
  • Quaterback-Center exchange.  Still saw some bad hikes which still needs to be cleaned up.  We've had these issues all spring and I really don't want to see this come fall because I'm going to be cursing up a storm if this leads to a turnover or kills a drive when the games count.
  • The scrimmage started out with Kickoff Returns and I'm pretty sure it was Mavray that dropped the ball.  Before the season kicks off, we need to find surehanded guys on both Kickoff and Punt Returns.  I'm hoping our more explosive options win the jobs but if they're still having issues holding onto the ball, I say we go with a sure handed guy like Embree.  Josh Smith was supposed to be that guy but as we all know, he got injured.  I think this will work itself out but I'd hate to see something like this become an issue.

I'm guilty just like the next person in wanting/expecting to see some Offensive fireworks during the scrimmage.  However, I came out feeling better about the team overall.  Our defense looks fast and I don't think we'll sustain a huge drop if any.  The OL looked good at times opening up holes in the running game while they still need to do a better job providing time for the QB's.  I'm hoping the QB's and receivers will work out any timing issues that they may have during the summer because it'd be a shame not to be able to utilize the numerous offensive weapons at our disposal.  Although Coleman had a nice game, I think this RB job is up for grabs and I can't wait to see the battle when the FR backs arrive.   I have to remind myself that we're still a young team and that we're going to get better because CRN has done a hellavu job upgrading the talent level in the program. 

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