Interesting Perspective On Prince/Revolver

John Berkwotiz from UWDawgPound is doing one of those series of off-season list ranking Pac-10 positions. He started off with the QBs. I don't necessarily care about agreeing or disagreeing with his ranking of Pac-10 QBs but I found the nugget on Kevin Prince (he ranks Prince as the 5th best QB in the conference) very interesting:

Kevin Prince led UCLA to a bowl game last season and he showed continual improvement as the season went on. Rick Neuheisel experimented with the "Pistol" this spring because Prince ran it with success in high school. Kind of reminds when Neu adapted his offense to fit Tui's skill set. I think Prince has a lot of upside and the improvement will continue.

Hmm.That's the first time I have seen that reference.

Tui (Marques Tuiasosopo, the son of former great Bruin D-man Manu Tuiasosopo) was perhaps one of my favorite non-UCLA Pac-10 QB from last 10 years. I remember watching the Husky team from 99-00 which Tui (under CRN) led to a Rose Bowl victory over the Boilermakers.

It will be interesting to see how Prince develops next season. If he can play half as well as Tui did we could have a pretty fun season.


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