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Final-4: March Madness Open Thread

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Since we have threads up during this tourney all along might as well keep this going. Four teams left: Butler, Michigan State, West Virginia, and Eastern Sports Programming Network's favorite program. The first game between the Bulldogs and Tom Izzo's Spartans should be a dream for Ben Ball junkies who appreciate ferocious, intense, inside-the-jersey AA defense grounded in fundamentals and efficient offense.

The sentimental favorite I am assuming is going to be Butler since everyone wants to live the Hoosier fantasy through Brad Steven's team. Coach Wooden is rooting for his home state team:

I would actually like to see Butler win it. But, of course, there's something to be said about every coach and program that's in it.

Yet for some reason there is something about Izzo you can't help admire (which Coach also referenced in the link above).

As for the second game don't think we have expand much on the emotions around this community based on Duke Vitale's favorite team. Should be fun games to watch (if you are tuning in).

The first game tips off around 3:07 pm PST. March Madness On-Demand has all the games online again and you can grab it in the widget below.

Also don't forget our baseball team trying to take the rubber match from Stanford. Ryan has the UCLA baseball open thread below. Have fun with it everyone. Fire away.