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Championship Game: March Madness Open Thread

Don't think we can add anything to the hype around the Championship game tonight between Duke and Butler. We leave all the cheesy David v. Goliath and Cinderella clichés to others. Except number of us don't consider Butler to be a "true" Cinderella ala George Mason from few years ago. Doesn't really matter though. For me it has been a pleasure to watch Butler and Michigan State (even though I said I'd try to stay away from the Dance) because they have reaffirmed the effectiveness of Coach Ben Howland's classic Ben Ball.

A little bonus video to get you ready for the game:

The tip off if scheduled for 6:21 pm EST. If you are not around your TV tonight, here is March Madness On-Demand (it's been a pretty cool tool to use all tourney long):

So here is to Butler sending the Hoosiers into frenzy and sending all the Duke band wagoners scurrying back to their holes. Fire away in our last college basketball open thread of 2009-10 season.