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Cheatey Doesn’t Deny Wrongdoing At Southern Cal But Still Will Be "Surprised" At NCAA Sanctions

Cheatey Petey appeared on Dan Patrick's radio show today. Of course he was asked about the upcoming NCAA decision concerning Southern Cal's sleazy scandal tainted program. SportsByBrooks blogged about Chetey's appearance in which in typical Pom Pom fashion he dodged and weaved through questions concerning his former star LB (who is now disgraced as a cheater in the NFL) and his shady reign at South Central.

Cheatey also apparently signaled that a decision will be coming out this week. What was really interesting is that Cheatey doesn't deny that there was hanky panky going on at his shady program at Southern Cal and yet he expects NCAA to not impose sanctions:

Carroll on policing players: "It's a big network that the NCAA is asking the university (USC) to control. It's most challenging."

Carroll on what he think the outcome of the NCAA investigation will be: "I would be surprised if there are (NCAA sanctions)."

Of course SBB didn't buy his nonsense:

I want to believe Carroll has the utmost integrity and did nothing wrong, but for him to say that he'll be "surprised" if a four-year NCAA investigation into the USC football program yields any sanctions is to lose all credibility.

I realize Carroll wants to be optimistic about the outcome of the NCAA inquiry, but he would've been better off just saying he didn't know what was going to happen.

Carroll is either engaging in wishful thinking or is apparently a lot more naive than I thought he was.

SBB left out another option. More than possible that Carroll is just a conniving and sleazy liar.