Anonymous NFL GM weighs in on Cushing's steroid use (infers that he used while at Southern Cal) has a piece on the AP voters' decision to allow former Trogan and alleged confirmed steroid user Brian Cushing to hold on to his ill gotten 2009 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Award. Of particular interest is an opinion of Cushing from an anonymous NFL GM, who offered the following insight:

One NFL general manager, requesting anonymity, offered this scorching view: "We did our research on him before the draft last year and we concluded he was a chronic steroid user dating back to high school. More than a few people were surprised when he passed the steroid tests at the combine. I think the guy became a pro at masking it, until he was caught. I definitely would have taken my vote back on that award if I had one."

Reading between the lines, it is clearly this NFL GM's opinion that Cushing was on the juice while at USC.  I'm sure this GM speaks for dozens of other GM's that had done some basic research and concluded that Cushing was a cheater, and almost certainly cheated while at Southern Cal. Not that this comes as a surprise to anyone that followed Latimer's career at Peter Carrol's scandal tainted minor league football factory in South Central (aka the dirtiest college football program in America).

I stumbled across this video of Cushing when he first learned that he earned a starting position at USC:

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