Top 5 Plays in Bruins History

My Top 5 Plays in Bruins History are:

1. Tyus Edney's dash that dashed Missouri.

2. Jordan Farmar's steal vs. Gonzaga and Luc's finish. [This is not the best video, but it comes from the Band section, and adds celebration by the Bruin faithful.]

3. Barnes to Stokes to beat USC. (Barnes or Dow as the greatest replacement QB in Bruins history, you make the call.)

4. Freeman McNeil's tipped pass to beat USC.

I could not find a video of this one. However, I do have Freeman's description of the play from a Sports Illustrated article.

McNeil had been projected as a high draft pick all along, possibly even a first-rounder, but the pro scouts wanted to know if he could catch the ball. The question was answered in the USC game, the next to last of the season. Third and long, UCLA trailing 17-13 with a little over two minutes to play, ball on the UCLA 42. Jay Schroeder, the quarterback, was flushed out of the pocket and he threw to McNeil, running down the left sideline, but he didn't get much on the ball, and Jeff Fisher, the USC cornerback, stepped up to go for the interception.

"People have written that the ball bounced off Fisher's pads," McNeil says. "Anyway, that's what he told everybody. But I'd like to get the record straight. He had intercepted the pass, and I tipped it out of his hands. Dennis Smith, their free safety, dove for the ball; Ronnie Lott, the roverback, was coming from the other side. He'd come clear across the field. I tipped the ball from my left hand to my right and kept going."

Fifty-eight yards for the winning touchdown. It was one of those plays that will live forever in scouting lore, a little triangle of extreme talent battling for a football, three first-round draft choices—Smith (Broncos), Lott (49ers) and McNeil (Jets)—in one frozen tableau. McNeil won, and in their little notebooks the scouts wrote, "Has hands. Feet. Ball adjustment. Concentration."

"That play," says the Patriots' director of player development, Dick Steinberg, "was probably worth $300,000 to McNeil." Instead of a first-round draft he was now a high first-rounder, very high. The Jets chose him No. 3, after New Orleans had taken Rogers and the Giants Lawrence Taylor. Most scouts had McNeil rated higher than Rogers on speed and pass-catching.

5. Wendell Tyler's touchdown run to beat Ohio State in 1976 Rose Bowl.

1976 Rose Bowl (via


What are yours?

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