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Hello Kiffin Takes Another Classless Cheap Shot At Norm Chow

Hello Kiffin apparently can't help himself as he managed to fire off another childish cheap shot at UCLA during his latest media blitz via HBO's "Real Sports". This time Kitten took a petty jab at Norm Chow's work ethic:

I generally found the HBO feature on Lane Kiffin to be underwhelming, but one of Kiffin's quotes did interest me: ``A coach one time, I walked into his office and he was checking the stock market on his computer. It blew me away.''

That was a not-so-subtle reference to former offensive coordinator Norm Chow. An ironic reference because Chow was known at USC for the long hours he kept. Maybe it's not a bad idea to check the stock market once a day considering USC's record when Chow called plays.

So even a Trogan alum like Scott Wolf (who are usually reliable cut and paster of Heritage Hall's talking points) is lampooning Kitten's latest classless comment. Of course, it doesn't take much to point out utter absurdness of Kiffin's remark as the Trojans went 36-3 during Chow's last three seasons in South Central.

Perhaps Kiffin was envisioning either Pom Pom or himself during the time he was the "co-offensive coordinator" of the predictable Trojan offense that flailed away during the monumental 13-9 choke job against a Karl Dorrell coached football team? This is nothing new from Kiffin of course.  More on that after the jump.

It was Kiffin who in a total classless move, tried to clean out Chow's office even before he officially left Southern Cal five years ago.  Just this past year after getting beat up by UCLA in Knoxville the jackass kept trash talking about how the Vols should have beaten the Bruins by two touchdowns. Perhaps it was Kiffin who was cruising some other sites while drawing up those Dorrellian plays near the UCLA goal line:

That worked out pretty well for us. More bulletin board for the entire team and not to mention it just further seals off any delusional chatter of Chow ever considering going to work under some loser with less than .400 career winning percentage. For UCLA's sake let's hope Kiffin keeps talking.

Just 199 more days to go.