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Sense Of Fear & Panic Permeating Over Southern Cal?

While most of us here don't have any kind of confidence in the NCAA to do the right thing with Southern Cal's scandal tainted program the mood over at is a little different. There are some very interesting comments from diehard Trojan fans concerning the anticipated NCAA action. Here is a sample (emphasis added throughout):

I think only a portion of what really happened will ever officially be disclosed, the reason this took so long is ( I've heard) we didn't make it easy for the bastards ( I guess I am ok with that too) but as an alum and I speak only for myself, I always want to win by the rules. If that means we lose some games so be it, but play hard and play fair is all I ever ask of our football program ( all sports I should say)

I think USC got a little too caught up in the winning thing and played fast and loose with certain rules and controls. I for one will be glad when this is behind us and as I stated I hope what I was told was not what will happen as it seems severe for the crime as stated, but again, we only know "our" side at the moment.

Yeah, I couldn't believe I read those words either. Props to him for at least taking the first step in admitting rules were not being followed during these past few years at Southern Cal. Some additional examples after the jump.

There was also a comment in which a poster actually recognized that it isn't just about greedy parents of a tarnished Heisman winner:

While everyone has remained fixated on that (Reggie's parents) aspect of the investigation, they've completely taken their eye off of the Mike Ornstein ball.

USC played with fire by allowing Reggie to intern with him, and got burned by both him and Reggie. USC may be held culpable for not exercising thorough due diligence when Reggie appeared with a souped-up car, but I've said all along the Ornstein angle is what will likely bite the USC football program in the butt, if anything.

Couple that with the basketball issues, and perhaps Joe McKnight, and it's easy to see a high tight fastball coming down the pike.

Ooof. There is also talk about "taint" on Carroll's contribution:

It's hard to say this on an SC message board, but too much focus is placed on how this will effect SC ONLY. There is more at stake then that.

The issue is the extent of knowledge that SC either had or should have had under the circumstances or if they've simply played a game of stonewalling the investigation as much as possible.

If that is the net of it, then Trojan fan or not, I have no sympathy for the program and beyond Reggie, it taints Carroll's contribution and his tenure as well.

I'm a college football fan FIRST and an SC fan SECOND. If the program not only FAILED to take the proper steps to avoid the situation but also fostered an environment where these things were tolerated then the program deserves to receive extreme consequences for it.

And responsibilities of Southern Cal officials:

[I]f the NCAA has credible evidence that person(s) at USC knew about the benefits but didn't do any thing about them, then SC is fucked. There's no excuse for that.

I will just end with this note on OJ and Reggie Bush:

Cant disagree about OJ, he's an absolutely despicable individual, but at least he didnt bring down the entire University while he just sat back, smiled, continued to collect his crazy paychecks, and continued to bone famous fat ass chicks. I wish there was a way to force Reggie to contribute to any $$ that the University is required to pay back.

Ugghhh I cant wait any longer, freaking announce the snactions!

Just wow. You can read rest of the thread full of panic and fear among the Trojan "family" right here.