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UCLA’s Track Teams Embarrass The Four Letters Against Southern Cal

The gory details from a giddy OC Register report (emphasis added):

The USC women emphatically posted their third consecutive dual meet victory against the Bruins with a 106-57 romp, the most one-sided triumph in the series since 1998.

Led by sprinter Ahmad Rashad, the Trojans men were nearly as dominant in winning their second in a row against UCLA, rolling to a 96-79 triumph, the biggest margin of victory in the men's meet since 2004.

UCLA dominated both sides of the rivalry for decades, the Bruins men extending a winning streak from 1978-2000, the UCLA women's victory in 2007 their 15th in succession. Saturday was the Trojans' men first triumph at Drake Stadium since 1977.

But the rivalry's dramatic reversal of fortune has produced a gap between the programs that is notable for both its width and the speed with which it was opened.

A power shift that last summer cost UCLA men's coach Art Venegas his job resulted in the Trojans no longer using their cross-town rivals as a measuring stick, instead targeting the likes of Oregon, Texas, LSU, Florida State and Texas A&M.

"The UCLA meet doesn't define our success anymore, win or lose," Trojans sprinter Judith Onyepunuka said. "We're not afraid to dream big, meaning NCAAs. This was just a step toward our goal."

In other words Trogan track team is calling out the Bruins as "Just UCLA."

The humiliation wasn't confined within the track team. The dual victories along with Southern Cal's win in women's rowing helped the Trojans clinch the 2009-10 Gauntlet trophy. Trojans have now won that trophy for the three straight seasons.

I hope Dan Guerrero realizes that how humiliating this is for the entire UCLA athletic community. We like the progress we are seeing in the football program. The basketball program is in troubled waters but we are not giving up on Ben Howland yet. We will have to wait and see how the Pauley renovation project goes in the coming years. As for rest of the athletic program, it remains to be seen how Guerrero performs in next few seasons.

Our softball program seems to be on a downward slide since the departure of Coach Sue Enquist. Our men's soccer team has become an underachieving bunch under Jorge Salcedo. The baseball team is doing all right but we will see how long they can continue that if the facilities around JRS and efforts to publicize their success are not kicked up few notches in near future.

The women's volleyball program was a mess before the new coach took over (and we have no idea how he is going to perform). The men's volleyball program is simply a shell of its former self.  The track team seems to be in bad shape under its new coach. The only programs that have been performing at consistent championship level are the women's soccer team and the gymnastics team. I'd include the water polo programs in that category however we will have to see how the new coaches perform in next couple of years following the departure of Krikorian.

Anyway, I hope the alarm bells are on in Morgan Center and DG is reflecting on his performance and the performance of his programs very closely. Bru-105 was nice. However, the overall performance of his athletic program from last three years hasn't been living up to the standards of Bruin excellence. Sure hope he gets this turned around starting next season.