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David & Travis Wear Are Officially Bruins

<em>Wears will switch to Bruin blue. Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">brianmka (flickr)</a></em>
Wears will switch to Bruin blue. Photo Credit: brianmka (flickr)

So it is now official.Travis and David Wears (6-10, 23) are now Bruins:

"I am absolutely ecstatic about Dave and Travis joining our program," said Howland. "Both are outstanding players. They are highly-skilled good athletes who are hard workers and extremely motivated to be at their best. They are constantly working hard on their overall game.

"They are a great addition to our program, not only as players but as people. They come from a great family and from one of the best high school programs in the country in Mater Dei, coached by Gary McKnight."

So much for "irresponsible" "rumor" mongering. :-) According to elder Wear other schools were also coming after the Twins:

As for other schools that tried to recruit the twins after they got their releases from UNC, their father said "Let's just say there was a lot of interest. Some very high-profile schools reached out to us. Some (of the coaches) were willing to recruit one, the other or both of them. But the boys were adamant that they wanted to stay together."
He laughed.
"And it was going to be somewhere on the west coast," he said. "The boys and their mother (Gloria Wear) had no intention of going outside of this time zone."

So the Bruins get two Mickey Ders on their roster who have already had one year of coaching under one of the best teachers in the NCAA. They are going to redshirt this coming season and get acclamated to rigors of Ben Ball before getting ready to make their contributions in 2011-12.

I am pretty excited about having these two guys as Bruins. As mentioned before they are good kids with solid fundamentals and will help in strengthening the core of UCLA basketball under Howland which needs to get back to its roots of rebounding, defense and smart basketball. I will have more extensive thoughts on these two and how they impact our roster balance and the program when I get a chance (unless one of you want to beat me to it).

For now though let's dish out a warm welcome Travis and David and to Westwood.