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Memorial Day Open Thread

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As we do every year, today we take the day to remember those who have fallen while serving this country and protecting everything that we hold dear. Recently, we were treated to this epic post by ucla7477 about his father in-law who was was faced with internment and served in the Army, depriving him of the chance of finishing his education. Stories like that remind us of those Bruins who served this country and the strong military tradition at UCLA. For those Bruins who passed and all others who met the same fate, on this day we remember and thank you for your sacrifice.

Today is also a big day for the UCLA baseball team as the Regionals are announced today at 9:30 am PDT on the NCAA Selection Show. It will all be announced live on ESPN and will set the path for the Bruins on the road to Omaha. One thing we do know is that UCLA will be hosting their Regional on Friday through Monday so for all the Bruins out there, check out how to get tickets here and then pack Jackie Robinson Stadium (which is fittingly on the grounds of the VA) with blue.

I would be remiss if I didn't give a congratulations to the softball team who advanced to the Women's College World Series yesterday with a second dominating win over Louisiana-Lafayette. This is a Memorial Day open thread so use it to share your Memorial Day thoughts, discuss the baseball Selection Show or anything else on your mind today. Have a great day everyone and remember, please be safe.