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North Carolina Players Attack/Mock The Wear Twins On Twitter

This is pretty amazing. The Wear twins just announced their decision to transfer out of North Carolina. It is not clear yet where they will end up. Instead of wishing them well and good luck few Tar Heels players (not fans, PLAYERS) have launched attacks on David and Travis Wear via Twitter:

First fellow freshman forward John Henson tweeted that "it's all good" because Roy Williams "got room to bring a couple more thoroughbreds to the stable." Then point guard Larry Drew launched the twitter hashtags #gotTwins and #theyleftbecause.

LDrew2: #theyleftbecause I still couldn't tell them apart

JohnHenson31: #theyleftbecause their pickup truck just didn't fit their lifestyle

LDrew2: #theyleftbecause they found out they would have to room with (Tyler) zeller...again

JohnHenson31: #theyleftbecause the surfing at wrightsville beach wasn't up to par

That was from Jeff Eisenberg at the Dagger, Yahoo!'s excellent blog covering college hoops. Jeff gave the Tar Heels mocking the Wear twins a little reality check:

The Tar Heels can joke all they want about the Wear twins leaving Chapel Hill after just one season, but the departure of the two former McDonald's All-Americans does leave a huge void in their bench. Instead of being stocked with big men but light on guards as they were a year ago, the Tar Heels now have just Henson and 7-footer Tyler Zeller down low as a result of the Wears transferring, Ed Davis turning pro early and Deon Thompson graduating.

On that note the situation the Tar Heels are finding themselves in now .... well its kind of eerie:

Although information is still preliminary, it appears that the Wears may very well have taken everyone, including UNC head coach Roy Williams, by surprise on this one.

Their departure leaves the Tar Heels with only 10 scholarship players for the 2010-2011 season at the current time, and it will be very interesting to see what Coach Williams does in terms of trying to add another 2010 player at the 11th hour or if the program tries to facilitate the early enrollment of James McAdoo, as Duke did last year with Andre Dawkins when it became evident that the Blue Devils were losing Elliott Williams to transfer.

Well from our vantage point good luck to the Heels. I have always had nothing but admiration for Dean Smith's program (and I guess I always kind of semi-rooted for them because of my disdain for Duke). Still I would think Carolina players would want to take the same classy route of Dean Smith and wish the Wear Twins. They did take back their comments a bit after getting push back from their own but still those tweets didn't make Roy's program look very good.

I sure hope UCLA players never conduct themselves in the same manner if our program was in similar situation. I don't think Coach Ben Howland or the UCLA administration would tolerate that. Anyway, more I think of it more I am getting intrigued about the Wear twins coming to Westwood. Nothing like Southern California kids coming home (or back to the West Coast). Wish I can find myself in same situation some day.