UCLA-Michigan & Other Cool Out Of Conference Matchups

Over at Maize n Brew, Dave has written up his suggestions for who Michigan should schedule when their series with Notre Dame take a two year break in 2018. Guess who prominently figures in Dave's wish list:

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA Bruins)- On the west coast it's hard to think of a better school to match up against than UCLA. UCLA boasts a highly educated, football passionate fanbase that has just as high levels of of cynicism, pessimism and fatalism as the Michigan fanbase. Honestly, you could transplant the two campuses and no one would notice the difference for a year, or at least until it got cold. At that point our buddies at Bruins Nationwould attribute the cold weather to God punishing UCLA for ever hiring Karl Dorrell and Steve Lavin. Similarly, Michigan fans would blame the unseasonably warm weather on global warming and stage a protest of some kind before breaking to go to a coffee house to congratulate themselves on being so globally aware. For those of you who say UCLA is a basketball school first, au contraire my friends. UCLA's passionate football fanbase is just beginning to be re-awakened by Pretty Boy rick Neuheisel, and will be primed for a Midwest Coast West Coast battle. And let's be honest, there are worse places to go in September than UCLA's campus. The match up would re-awakend the Pac10 Big Ten rivalries and garner a load of public interest. Also, there's a reason David Lee Roth covered the Beach Boys....

Dave then added in some images to make his point (rather well I might add). Seriously Dave's wishlist tracks very close to the one yours truly posted here four years ago.

Ann Arbor is an amazing place to visit and Michigan fans are fantastic (at least the ones I have been friends with over the years). Hopefully we won't have to wait that long for a UCLA-Michigan match up in football. I think we will get a shot against them in the Rose Bowl sometime in the near future. It will happen sooner or later.


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