Greetings, Foe!


Artist's Rendering c.1989. The Last Time LSU Traveled for a Regional.

Note the devastated city of College Station, TX in the background.

I don't know where they are going to put'em, but a TON of LSU fans are reportedly traveling for this one. Most seem to be flying in, and what with TSA being the way they are these days, I doubt we will be able to sneak our grills, fryers, and meats along this time. Some will try. There is also a very large and active alumni group in LA who have waited for their one shining moment for decades, especially now that the fabled USC home-and-home will never really happen. They will do everything they can to make this a home game. And we do get rowdy and have no problem with standing up for 9 innings+. I hope UCLA isn't one of those "Down in Front" kinda places (like Texas).

And hey, We're bringing TV cameras too!

Hopefully with all the furvor over tickets and tv coverage behind us, we can all prepare for what will hands-down be the best regional this weekend. Ya'll have a very talented and stable pitching staff, something we have been sorely lacking until last weekend. I think the small dimensions favor us at the plate, though.

And don't forget, we have some unfinished business with Mike Gillespie and UCI as well.

And then there's Kent State.....yeah

I'm the showrunner over at And The Valley Shook, SB Nation's LSU blog. We follow baseball very heavily and are still just getting over that great tourney last weekend. I'll be working with Ryan on some things for both our sites, but feel free to ask any questions. And I don't know if ya'll do game threads, but feel free to join us on game day.

The rest of the LSU commenters should be around in a day or 2 due to BN's account policies, consider me an advance guard. I have asked them to be polite, but I should ask what the profanity policy is around here.

And please drop the corn dog references, Surely you have more intelligence than Auburn fans.

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