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[UPDATE: 2 Year Bowl Ban, Loss Of 30 Scholarships For Trogans] Hello Kiffin Left Holding Cheatey Petey's Donuts

Clay Travis unloads on AOL's Fanhouse:

Lane Kiffin dreamed that he could be the next Pete Carroll. Instead of building on Carroll's dominance, Kiffin is the bag-holder, the fall guy left behind in a conspiracy to illegally dominate college football. For the next two years, Kiffin is in survival mode, from globetrotting CEO of USC, Inc. to fevered BP executive with his own metaphorical oil spill to contain in a matter of moments.

Lane Kiffin, just learned what Thomas Wolfe, a man who made his home a few hours from Knoxville, taught us so long ago, even if USC is your dream job, you can't go home again.

For Pete Carroll, life is grand with the Seattle Seahawks. He's tweeting up a storm from just up the coast. He's making more money, he's relaxed, the Seattle rain doesn't even get him down. Why should it? He's an Internet millionaire who sold his company the day before Wall Street tanked.

But for Lane Kiffin, the boyish coach with the golden interview skills, the man who believes he wields a whistle on campus fields like Picasso moved a paintbrush on canvas, the failure to examine all the angles in his move to USC must be crushing right now. If everything Midas touched turned to gold, Lane Kiffin has to be looking at his head-coaching hands, the same hands that left behind a steaming wreck in both Oakland and Tennessee, and wondering to himself: Why does everything I touch turn to crap?

Including, meanwhile, that career head-coaching record of 12-21.

Oooof. The entire post is a must read but I do have to share one more graf:

How can USC even hope to compete with the likes of Texas and Oklahoma in the midst of its probation? Not to mention how Kiffin will compete with the wolves in his own sun-bedecked city. Why do I picture UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel applying aftershave this morning while repeating over and over to himself, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning."

Meanwhile, Dennis Dodd at writes "it is the end of USC  football as we know it":

Based on similar cases, USC could be in for a long dry period. Oklahoma had similar scholarship reductions in 1988. It went through three coaches before getting lucky with Bob Stoops. Twelve years after the penalties, OU won the 2000 national

And we feel just fine (mega HT to DERF18 from for putting REM in my head for rest of the afternoon).


UPDATE (N): From Dan Wetzel who is tweeting up listening to the audio stream:

Embargo over, Bloodbath for USC: Vacate 04 BCS title game, all 05 season. 15 scholly limit for next 3 years -- a loss of 30 scholarships

The 30 lost scholarships is an absolutely massive total. That's a behind the woodshed type punishment. Also, two year bowl ban via web

I think it's time to have that celebratory beer. GO  BRUINS.