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[Update x 4] NCAA Nukes Troy: 30 Scholarships Lost, 2-year Postseason Ban, 4 Years Probation

WWL is now reporting the butcher's bill, and there is definitely blood on the scales:

The NCAA handed the University of Southern California a two-year postseason football ban and vacated wins in Reggie Bush's final season, among other penalties, for violations in its football, men's basketball and women's tennis programs on Thursday.

The university was put on four years' probation, while the football program was hit with a two-year postseason ban and the men's basketball team was banned for one year from the postseason, which had already been self-imposed by the school.

USC was hit with scholarship reductions in football and basketball and recruiting restrictions for the men's basketball team.

The school was fined $5,000 and forfeits its $206,200 it earned from the 2008 men's basketball tournament.

In addition the university must vacate some regular-season and postseason wins in all three involved sports.

It gets even better:

The NCAA said its findings included "a lack of institutional control, impermissible inducements, extra benefits, exceeding coach staff limits, and unethical conduct by an assistant football coach."

The violations, which span almost four years, primarily involved "agent and amateurism issues for a former football student-athlete and a former men's basketball studen-athlete," the NCAA wrote in its report. 

No doubt, the hits will keep on coming. More updates after the jump.

UPDATE I (N): It's Christmas. Full details from the LA Times:

•Public reprimand and censure.

•Four years of probation: from June 10, 2010, through June 9, 2014.

•Postseason ban for the 2009-10 men's basketball season. (self-imposed)

•Postseason ban for the 2010 and 2011 football seasons.

•One-year show-cause penalty for assistant football coach Todd McNair (June 10, 2010, to June 9, 2011).

•Vacation of all football wins, including football bowl games, from the 2004 and 2005 seasons.

•Vacation of all basketball wins in the 2007-08 season, including the NCAA tournament. (self-imposed)

•Vacation of all wins in women's tennis between November 2006 and May 2009.(self-imposed)

•Reduction of football scholarships by 10 for the next three academic years.

•Reduction of men's basketball scholarships from 13 to 12 for the 2009-10 and 2010-11 academic years. (self-imposed)

•Reduction of the total number of recruiting days in men's basketball by 20 days (from 130 to 110) for the 2010-11 academic year. (self-imposed)

•$5,000 fine. (self-imposed)

•Remittance of the $206,200 the university received for its participation in the 2008 NCAA basketball tournament. (self-imposed).

•Disassociation of football player Reggie Bush, basketball player O.J. Mayo and "booster" Rodney Guillory.

•Release of three men's basketball recruits from their letters of intent. (self-imposed).

•Prohibition of all non-university personnel, including boosters, from traveling on football and men's basketball charters; attending football and men's basketball team practices; attending or participating in any way with university football and men's basketball camps, including donation of funds; and having access to the sidelines and locker rooms for football and men's basketball games.

They are now officially the University Of Sleazy Cheaters.


UPDATE II(N): Here is the NCAA findings (PDF). Pour through it. If you draw out interesting nuggets share in the comment threads. Always feel free to do you own analysis in the Fanposts. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE III(M):   Page 58, Paragraph 9 of the Report states:

Limit of 15 initial grants-in-aid and 75 total grants in football for each of the 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 academic years.

If I am reading this correctly, this means that U$C can only offer a maximum of 15 football scholarships during each of the next three recruiting seasons.  The ones he just offered apparently are not affected, but the ones he makes during the next three recruiting runs are.  Also, the team cannot have more than 75 players on scholarship during from Fall 2011 through Spring 2014.  In other words, Blame Kitten's overall team number is reduced by 10 for the next three years, so he can't use scholies for 2012-13 to make up for his reductions in 2011-12, etc.


UPDATE IV (N): This is not a surprise. The shameless Trojan administration will "appeal" the ruling:

The University of Southern California today announced that, after reviewing the NCAA Committee on Infractions report, it will accept some of the penalties imposed by the Committee and it will appeal those penalties it believes are excessive.

The university noted that it is pleased that the NCAA determined that USC's self-imposed penalties on men's basketball and women's tennis were sufficient, and that the NCAA imposed no further sanctions.

"We acknowledge that violations occurred and we take full responsibility for them. However, we sharply disagree with many of the findings in the NCAA Committee on Infractions Report. Further, we feel the penalties imposed are too severe for the violations identified in the report," said Todd Dickey, USC's senior vice president for administration.

Interestingly Mike Garrett wasn't sent out to issue their "video release." GO BRUINS.

UPDATE V: Link to NCAA Press Conference recording.