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"southern con" Attacks Alabama, Florida & Pac-10 Schools To Distract From Its Recruiting Lies


So here is the latest from the sleazy cheaters over there. From ESPN:

In a letter written by USC director of compliance Matt Billings to Pac-10 Associate Commissioner for Governance and Enforcement Ron Barker, Florida, Washington, Oregon, Fresno State and Alabama allegedly contacted Baxter.

The letter states in part: "I just met with [Baxter] and he told me that he received phone calls from five institutions [June 10th]. All of the institutions asked if he was interested in transferring from USC due to the NCAA decision. Would you please speak with these schools to remind them they cannot speak to this student athlete?"

Pretty funny stunt for the Trogans to be so anxious and vigilant about the NCAA rules (Alabama fans are already ROFL). There is already one big problem with this latest "story" from southern cal.  According to ESPN's Joe Schad "Baxter allegedly "lost his phone" since calls." Uh huh. Okay Dillon, that shouldn't be a problem. NCAA can easily get to the bottom of this by looking at Baxter's cell phone records and figure out exactly who was lying. The problem for Southern Cal is it doesn't good look for them to whine publicly about this considering their shady track record.

First, Hello Kiffin already has a tainted record of making up BS allegations as he was reprimanded by SEC commissioner Mike Slive "for falsely accusing Florida's Urban Meyer of a recruiting violation." Second, over here in Los Angeles, we are also used to southern cal making up BS recruiting whine (attacking CRN via Petey's Poodle aka Kenny Norton) to distract from the problems with their sleazy program. Third, there is also the clear pattern emerging about Hello Kiffin being dishonest with recruits since coming over as the "head coach." More on this after the jump.

From our post back in January it looks that Kiffin just flat out lied to Baxter (emphasis added throughout)

I talked to him (Lane Kiffin) yesterday. He said all the right things. I mean, all about the Reggie Bush thing and what not I am not sure what is going to go on ...

All I was told that worst that could have happen is stuff that I mean ... what happened with Reggie Bush is ... take some losses away ...but other than nothing could affect me or any of my team-mates in future.

At this point Baxter doesn't look all that great out of this. In other words he seems like the ultimate Trogan.  Anyway, Pat Forde then exposed Hello Kiffin for lying to Seantrel Henderson:

According to media reports, Kiffin misled at least one recruit -- superstar offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson. The New York Times reported that Kiffin told Hendersons and his family not to worry about potential NCAA sanctions.

"As far as he's been informed -- he was very, very choosy with his words -- there shouldn't be anything going wrong because there was no knowledge of anything going on by the staff," Henderson's father, Sean, told The Times.

The story continued: "The Hendersons asked Kiffin to be clear about what impact the NCAA might have on the Trojans' football program, Sean Henderson said. Just before Seantrel chose USC on Wednesday, Kiffin reiterated not to listen to others who said the Trojans might face sanctions."

The fact is, Kiffin and everyone else at USC had no way of knowing whether the school was in the clear at that point. To present any different message to recruits was dishonest.

Now Cassius Marsh in the LA Times notes that Trogan coaches were not being honest with him on the recruiting trail.

"USC was the first school L.A. kids wanted to go to because it had been so dominant," said Marsh, who will be a freshman at UCLA in the fall. "Now that this has happened those players' first choice will be UCLA."

Marsh said he made the same assessment, though with less information.

"I knew something was going to happen, I just didn't know what," Marsh said. "[USC coaches] told me they would only lose some games. If I had known how bad they were going to get sanctioned, they wouldn't even have been on my list."

Just how ugly this is? Well consider this little nugget in Scot Wolf's southern cal report today:

Should anyone feel sorry for Kiffin, who essentially had his legs cut out from under him?

"He knew what he was getting into when he took the job," said a high-ranking USC official.  

So a "high ranking" Trogan is telling one of the most influential Trogan media personalities that Kiffin knew all along how bad it was over at southern cal while he came over from Tennessee. So he knew how bad the situation was when communicating to these recruits.

Considering this kind of track record full of deceit and lies, exactly how can recruits, reporters or most importantly any NCAA officials trust anything coming out of this shady program. It is incredibly hilarious to see "southern con" reacting to their problems by basically flinging baseless excrements at anyone they can, thinking it will distract everyone from the real story. Finally, southern con has been exposed as the Enron of collegiate sports. Cheat on Trogans.