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Coach's Love For Baseball

<em>Somewhere upstairs Coach and Nell were grinning over this. Photo credit:  Carlos Delgado/UCLA Athletics </em>
Somewhere upstairs Coach and Nell were grinning over this. Photo credit: Carlos Delgado/UCLA Athletics

So there was some magic last night at Jackie Robinson Stadium. I am sure many here cannot wait till our next game thread which will go up around 6:30 pm PST. To get more into baseball frame of mind, Bill Shaikin from the LA Times has a cool article on the coach's love for the game. Coach was especially became close to both Joe Torre and Mike Scioscia:

He knew his fundamentals, and not just in basketball. When he told Scioscia he liked the way the Angels played, he was not simply being polite.

"He understood the importance of a secondary lead," Scioscia said. "He understood the importance of hitting behind the runner, and the importance of taking the extra base. He definitely understood what would help a team win a game."

He had such high praise for Torre and Scioscia that the Angels manager whimsically decided to put Wooden's loyalties to the test. With Torre sitting next to him, Scioscia looked across the table at Wooden.

"Coach, right now, if there's a Dodger game on and an Angel game on, what game are you watching?" Scioscia said.

Wooden did not miss a beat.

"I'm channel surfing," he said.

Read rest of the piece here.  The piece also has a really cook picture of Coach having brunch with Mike Scioscia, Joe Torre, Zev Yaroslavsky, Dan Guerrero and Jeff Moorad. Moorad is San Diego Padres owner who also happens to be a Bruin alum. Perhaps he can help us out with renovation for JRS? That's a story for another day).

I guess I should also note that there was a the story was a part of special Sunday section of the LA Times devoted to Coach. You all can read through it. I still cannot muster up the desire to blog about it extensively given the papers' disgusting attack on the Coach just 3 days after his passing.

Anyway, the baseball article is good enough to get us all in the mood for tonight's game. Hopefully the Coach will keep watching over our boys like he did last night at JRS and with the softball team at Oklahoma City.