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Roundup From BN Walk: Threading Together A Historic Saturday

Needless to say this is a historic Saturday as we are going to be tracking three monster events at the exact time on BN. Let's lay out exactly how we are going to have our threads organized especially starting around 11 am PST when we are going to be watching and keeping track of Coach's Memorial, the College World Series and the World Cup.

First, we have a thread tracking Coach's Memorial, which provides direct link to live stream, information on where to watch the service on TV (Prime Ticket in LA) and of course details on attending the event in person, if you are around Westwood. Coach should be priority number 1, if you live within driving distance of UCLA. From what have I heard, it is pretty easy to drive down there today and get in Pauley.

So if you live in Southern California and around Los Angeles, do not bother coming to our game threads while Memorial is going on because we expect you to be at the Memorial. If you are not, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Second, we will have an open thread up for college world series on the top of our home page, starting around 10:30 am PST. That game will be broadcast live on ESPN 2.

Third, we already have a World Cup Open thread going (bumped on the home page) in the Fanpost section. That will be the post where we can post and share our live commentary on what is going to be the biggest game in the US World Cup history since its second round match against Mexico in 2002.

We'd prefer that you use all of your tabs on FireFox, IE, Safari or whatever browser you use to keep all those three posts often. It is more than all right to post updates with scores on either baseball or soccer threads, but please keep the game observations in their respective threads. Of course we'd strongly prefer the thread dedicated to Coach's memorial strictly for Coach.

Ryan is out somewhere out in scenic Rustenburg, getting ready for the time of his life in Red, White and Blue. He did manage to find time to post as usual the best recap of UCLA baseball game on BN early in the morning. There is also post game recap from the LA Times, the Daily News, and ESPN. They don't add much to what Ryan already observed about the team.

It's a good feeling that we are going to have a kid like Trevor Bauer leading the team today. However, against a team like TCU we are going to need more than great pitching. We are going to need clutch team hitting (which we didn't get yesterday) and also an all out effort on defense.  If we don't bring it in all facets of this game, I am afraid there will lot more groveling over Holiday and the Horned Frogs on tWWL.

See you in the threads. Here is to a memorable Saturday from Westwood to Omaha to Rustenburg, South Africa.