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[Update X 3] Prayers For Coach Wooden

Stay strong Coach.
Stay strong Coach.

Well this is all over Twitter right now.

We are hearing that the Coach is battling. All I can say right now is we hope the Coach is staying strong no matter what. We are going to be praying with him and for him every step of the way. GO BRUINS.

UPDATE (N): I am having a hard time even thinking about the possibility even though in back of all our mind we knew we would have to think about something like this. I really would love few more years Coach.

Intergalactic treasure:

Eyes tearing up typing this.

UPDATE II (N): From a close friend who I trust:

Coach Wooden was hospitalized again on June 1st, but this time will likely be the last time.  He has stopped eating, and they do not believe he will survive through the weekend.  [...]

This is going to be a very sad week.  I know that Coach will be in your and my prayers, as well as the prayers of everyone in the UCLA community. 

As AMM19 mentions no matter what happens eventually Coach will end up with Nell. That is a thought we should all celebrate. GO BRUINS.


It's understood that he hasn't eaten in the last couple days and is very ill.

A beautiful thought from RandBruin:

If this is Coach’s time, the world will be a lesser place without him, but he made the world a much better place by being here. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends, and with the rest of Bruinsnation.

Keep it coming guys. That helps all of us while we keep Coach in our minds. GO BRUINS.