Southern Cal/Hello Kiffin Playing Games With Star Trogan Recruit: Seantrel Henderson

Well everyone already knew Hello Kiffin was a sleazebag. This will only make the perception of him being a scumbag from a shady program even more pronounced. Larry Brown Sports reports that Southern Con is playing around with its number 1 recruit Seantrel Henderson and not letting him out of his LOI:

Henderson didn’t show up for his orientation, prompting USC’s coaches to fly out to Minneapolis last week, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. The meeting must not have been too productive because sources tell me members of the USC staff flew out to the Twin Cities on Monday to meet with Seantrel a second time. It’s clear that Henderson is heavily reconsidering his commitment to USC partly because of the sanctions, and also because he feels the school’s coaches lied to him about the NCAA penalties.

Making matters more difficult is that sources say the USC coaches planned to tell Henderson that they wouldn’t release him from his Letter of Intent. That could prove to be an issue for both sides; a person close to the situation summed things up perfectly: if Seantrel were really interested in playing for USC then he would already be in LA instead of spending his summer playing basketball around the Twin Cities.

Well I honestly don't feel too bad for Seantrel or any other Trogan recruits who were too dumb to realize Hello Kiffin can be a shady liar. Still stories like this is not going to help the Trogans all that much.

This appears to be a pretty dumb move on the part of those brain surgeons from Southern Cons. I will not be surprised if the Hendersons are getting their paper work ready to ask out of the NLOI obligations to Southern Cons, based on the "representations" Hello Kiffin made to them. That would be pretty ugly and also a turnoff to other recruits. It is going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.


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