8 Clap For Coach: BN Video & Photo Sharing Thread

Not sure where I was going to start this Saturday. I thought this video would be a good start. This is Mustafa Abdul Hamid, the ultimate UCLA student athletes who embodies the teachings and principles preached by our Coach, leading an 8 clap in honor of him last night in front of the Medical Plaza.

Many thanks to MWBruin, who was kind enough to shoot that video. Here is another video of that 8 clap led by MAH.

Powerful stuff. After the jump I wanted to put together some pictures and link to posts that have already gone up on BN. I think it would be great if we can share all of our pictures and video from last night's gathering, and also pictures and videos you might have with Coach, that you would like to share with us in this one thread.

MWBruin emailed this picture from last night's emotional 8 Clap gathering:


Here is another one:


You have probably already seen the videos we posted from the event last night. If you have your own pictures and video you want to share with rest of us, please use this thread. WestwoodWizard posted his own video and some amazing pictures that will give everyone chills:

And this with the following sentiments from WestwoodWizard: "My future Bruin. She’ll learn about Coach from me, and my dad, who taught me":

Jeremy D also posted a powerful fanpost with pictures, video and the following sentiment:

It was nice to see a bunch of Bruins there to support and honor Coach Wooden. I got to catch up with some friends, and saw a bunch of people I recognized from various campus groups, so it was nice to bring us all together. It was also wonderful to realize that so many of us care so strongly, even though as children of the late 80s/early 90s, we never got to witness Wooden's greatness in person. To take this time out of studying (it's the start of Finals, after all), and walk down to participate in such a simple event, truly is a testament to the lasting impact Coach Wooden had on the Bruin family. He will be missed.

I think this kind of sharing helps all of us. I believe it will make you feel better. It will enable rest of us to feel your prayers and warm wishes for Coach, Nell and their family. It will bring all of us even closer together in this Blue and Gold bleeding nation:

Photo Credit: E. Corpuz

So if you have photos, videos from last night's rally or photos and videos that captures your personal experience with Coach, please consider sharing with us in this BN thread.


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