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Remembering Coach: Videos Of Howland, Bruin Legends, Purdue Perspective & More

<em>Campus this morning. Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">bruin 805</a></em>
Campus this morning. Photo Credit: bruin 805

Lot of videos have been popping up in YouTube in last 24 hours with tributes and reflections on our Coach. I will post melancholy reflections from Coach Howland, Marques Johnson, Jamaal Wilkes, Gary Cunningham, Luke Walton, Lamar Odom, ESPN analysts around the Lakers, and a profile from Purdue University after the jump. I will start with this video a fan made to the tune of U2's "Beautiful Day."

Hard not to have your emotions well up while watching those clips. More after the jump.

Here is Ben Howland remembering our Coach:

former Bruin players including Marques Johnson, Jamaal Wilkes, Keith Erickson, John Vallely, and Gary Cunningham (also a Wooden assistant and UCLA head coach) sharing their memories of Coach::

Here are Lakers Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, and ESPN analysts Jack Ramsey, Jeff Van Gundy, Hubie Brown and Mark Jackson reflecting on the Coach:

And here is a really cool profile from Purdue perspective (Coach's Alma Mater):

BoilerTMill from Hammer & Rails, penned this post remembered one of Purdue's most revered legend.

We will post more as we see more pop up in the coming days. As always feel free to share them in the comment threads, fanshots, and don't be shy to share your extended reflections in the Fanpost sections. The more we read the more it makes us feel better.

Don't forget our baseball thread will be coming up in about 30 mins.