Adidas Signs UCLA To Largest Apparel K In The Pac-10, Rivaling Michigan

This is big news if the details are true. From

Oregon is rising. Washington is a big dog. But when it comes to multi-sport athletic outfitting and endorsement deals, UCLA is tops in the Pacific-10 Conference.

Adidas gives the Bruins $4.6 million annually in cash, uniforms and other perks, well ahead of Nike's $3.4 million annual gifts to Washington. The Ducks rank third, at $2.8 million annually, despite Nike co-founder and UO alumnus Phil Knight being a fixture at football games.

And things in Westwood are about to get better: UCLA has agreed to a seven-year extension with Adidas that will approach Michigan's unparalleled deal, worth $7.5 million annually, Bruins athletic director Dan Guerrero said.

Here is a little refresher on the Michigan deal, noted on BN few months ago:

The Michigan-adidas contract itself also includes new features. In addition to an average annual payout of $6.85 million (in cash and equipment), adidas agreed to pay a $6.5 million signing bonus, reportedly the first-ever signing bonus in a sponsorship agreement of this kind. The Michigan contract is also noteworthy for its "most favored university" clause, which stipulates that if adidas signs a more lucrative agreement with a separate school it must revise the Michigan deal so that Michigan receives the same amount.

As for numbers to note concerning other prominent programs from the piece linked above:

According to published reports Notre Dame, with its national TV contract and storied football history, has a deal with Adidas worth more than $6 million annually over 10 years. North Carolina, with legendary alumnus and Nike Jumpman Michael Jordan, receives $3.37 million annually from Nike. Alabama, with its national-title football team and beyond-rabid fans, recently landed an eight-year Nike deal worth $3.75 annually.

This is welcome news. We still need to wait on the officials details and find out specifics about Adidas plan to better market UCLA brand in Southern California and beyond. In terms of finances we seem to be heading towards the right direction, but we also need to have better practices in place in terms of marketing those four letters.


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