LA Times Uses Coach's Death & Lavin To Attack UCLA Alums/Fans

I knew this was just a matter of time. The LA Times dusted up an old cut and paste article about how mean UCLA alums and fans have been to Coach Wooden's successors in Westwood. The guy writing the latest boilerplate hit piece is none other than David Wharton whose track record now includes puffing up Mike Garrett, writing a glowing piece dubbing Karl Dorrell as the "Thinker" from Westwood and a pulitzer piece on the appearance of Layla Kiffin (doing investigative google searches on her "long blond hair and bright smile'").

Here is David Wharton's brilliant analysis of how mean UCLA alums and fans have been to Coach Wooden's successor:

But Harrick ran into trouble by filing a false expense report and lying about it. Then Steve Lavin was fired after seven seasons, leading to Howland's arrival in 2003.

"This is the way it is," Cunningham said. "You have to win here."

One thing seems clear: Wooden never meant to be an intrusion.

Huh? How were UCLA alums and fans responsible for Harrick filing false expense reports?

Wharton than dutifully uses Lavin to attack UCLA alums and fans:

"Whenever I had a problem, [Wooden] was my shrink," the former coach and athletic director said. "I would go over, sit with him, talk with him. He had great wisdom and gave me solutions."

If anything, UCLA coaches say the biggest problem with following Wooden was dealing with fans and alumni — not to mention the media — all of whom had been spoiled by those titles.

How were UCLA alums responsible for Steve Lavin being the biggest joke in all of college basketball? I'd think UCLA alums have been more than fair to Coach Ben Howland. If he was in some other program like North Carolina and Kentucky, he would be even under more pressure for the third losing season in the history of the program. Not only we have been more than fair to him, we have been supportive of him as much as we can, while offering reasonable criticisms.

Of course many of us were not around during the immediate aftermath of Coach's retirement. So perhaps there was some pressure then. However, it is pathetic and ridiculous to attack UCLA alums for failures of coaches like Walt Hazzard and Larry Farmar.

As usual the LA Times devoid of actual analysis and smart commentary, fail to point out the real issue: the incompetence of UCLA administration in going after the right coaches and making smart hires to preserve Coach's legacy. Ben Howland was the first smart hire following Coach's retirement and the results reflected accordingly. It doesn't mean that Howland gets to keep the job without any sense of accountability.

As Howland has said time and again, he is the "Caretaker" of Coach's program. If he is not up to task, there will be discussions about what should be the right move for our school. Hopefully we won't need that discussion but for now it is tasteless on the part of LA Times to use Coach's death to launch another pathetic attack on our alums and fan base. Then again, we expect nothing less from the lapdogs in the Trogan Times.

Now the best way to get back against these clowns is not to link their garbage. The best way to get back at them is to get them exposed using our tools. Don't email Wharton's editors (they are just as screwed up). Retweet our post, Facebook it by using the tool below, and share it with as many UCLA alums and fans as you can to make sure they understand and realize how Jim Murray's section has become a sad and pathetic joke. Don't give them the satisfaction by giving them traffic or filling up their email boxes.


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