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UCLA Planning Special Tribute To Coach At Commencement Ceremony

Just released from UCLA:

A colorful Bruins tribute to famed UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, who died Friday at the age of 99, will be made at this Friday's UCLA College of Letters and Science commencement ceremony, when student-athletes and scholars representing the entire class bear 99 blue-and-gold flags into the ceremony.
"He was truly a legend in his own time, and he will be a legend for generations to come," said UCLA Chancellor Gene Block, who also will speak about Wooden's legacy at the 5 p.m. ceremony at Drake Stadium on campus.
Approximately 4,500 students are expected to participate in the ceremony, which will be attended by about 9,000 family, friends and guests.
As always if you are one of the lucky 4,500 attending this ceremony, please consider sharing your video, pictures, and experience with rest of us here on BN. It should be pretty evident by now how much that stuff helps all of us cope together as an extended Bruin family.