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UCLA Softball BruWins Bring Home Championship Number 106

BruWins!! - Coach's Team - bring home Bru-106. Photo Credit: UCLA
BruWins!! - Coach's Team - bring home Bru-106. Photo Credit: UCLA

Congratulations to UCLA BruWins - that is what our softball alums and the current team have been calling this team. They just rode the spirit of Coach Wooden to bring home banner number 106 for our school and number 11 for our softball program. Bruins (50-11) just crushed Arizona Wildcats (52-14) tonight in Oklahoma City to get back the program where it belongs: at the top of the college world. The final tally was 15-9 in favor of the Blue and Gold. Here is the write up from AP.

Thanks to the efforts of Megan Langenfield - the latest legend of UCLA softball - Bruins set the tone early tonight with huge blasts to go up 6-0 and never looking back. Sure there were talks about rule changes making the game friendly to hitters but no one is going to take away from the monstrous accomplishments of Langenfield, Andrea Harrison, Julie Burney, and Samantha Camuso who powered the Bruins though an undefeated run in this magical post-season, which ended with a dominating, ghost-exorcising win over Arizona.

There was also something extra special going on this World Series with JW in their armbands. The Coach was certainly watching over them last night and all though this magical run. This was for you Coach!

Now speaking of a coach, here in this blog we have been plenty critical of Coach Kelly Inouye Perez over the years. Last year the team had a disappointing exit at Easton. I think it was in her first year the team lost in the first round for the first time in program's history. We have criticized her pretty hard at times. But tonight she carved out her spot as the latest builder of a Championship program. Her spot is a little extra special because she has now done it both as a player (3 times) and a coach. Moreover, the pressure of following Coach Enquist is now off her back as she can now focus on building her own legacy in this unmatched program.

So congrats to UCLA softball: 2010 NCAA Champions. It just sounds right for those four letters and the school of Coach John R. Wooden. Time to celebrate. Tonight it was all about bringing back Bruins where they belong. It was all about that Blue and Gold magic.