NCAA Sanctions vs. Trojans are reportedly to be released this week

According to an unreliable source, the Daily Trogan, " News outlets are reporting that the sanctions will be released this week, citing an anonymous source in the athletic department." I also heard an unsubstantiated rumor that the report is 173 pages long.

The Daily Trogan expect that the allegations will focus on the Bush and Mayo controversies.

The allegations surrounding Bush stemmed from his relationship with sports marketing firm New Era Sports & Entertainment during his time at USC. Bush recently settled a civil dispute with New Era co-founder Lloyd Lake to avoid submitting a public disposition on the matter.

Mayo’s one year at USC has also stirred controversy because of the relationship among the former Trojan point guard Mayo, confidant Rodney Guillory and the university.

Bruins followers have been waiting with great anticipation to learn whether the Trogans will be given their just desserts. The release of information may come within the next 48 hrs.

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