NCAA Report On Southern Cal Due Jun. 10: Some Sanctions I Want

I am tired of waiting like a lot of you. I hope the comment from Ted Miller below is true about . If true we don't know what time it will be. So, I am hoping early morning.

If USC is found guilty and the NCAA goes down hard on them I am hoping there are some tough sanctions so that the whole school suffers. Like in the U.S. Army, when one soldier does something wrong the whole platoon is made to suffer. Like no liberty on weekend. So:

1. No more of that white horse running around the stadium. He'll be put out to stud for 4 years.

2. The band should be prohibited from all games for 4 years. No more of that monotonous noise.

3. The cheerleaders will only be allowed on the field during halftime after two years.

4. The face on the statue of "Tommy Trojan" will be painted red to reflect campus embassment.

5. All the school's student athletes will write 100 times in longhand all of the NCAA sanctions placed on the school and rewrite 100 times the NCAA rules that were broken.

By Ted Miller

It appears that D-Day has arrived for USC.

USC will hold a news conference Thursday to respond to the NCAA's findings following its investigation into possible violations by the Trojans' football and men's basketball programs, a source with direct knowledge of the situation told ESPN's Joe Schad...."

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