He Is The Most Interesting Bruin In The World

Bumped. Seems like the perfect thread to take us into this weekend. GO BRUINS. -N


"He is the most interesting Bruin in the world"

He once caused Reggie Bush to fumble simply by looking at him.

He is the reason Pete Carroll moved to Seattle

All of UCLA's NCAA Championships were the direct result of his presence.

He is singlehandedly remodeling Pauley Pavilion using hand tools.

He first visited campus in 1950 and was immediately awarded a PhD.

His stare has been known to cause cheerleaders to swoon.

He once clapped his hands to get a bartender's attention and invented the "8-count".

"I may not always watch college athletics, but when I do, I prefer the Bruins." 

OK, guys...feel free to add as many as you can.

"Stay Bruins my friends."

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