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Bell Rings For Sizzling Bruin Recruiting: UCLA Picks Up A JC QB

The news just keeps getting better out of Westwood. Bruins have a brand new QB to add to our roster: this upcoming season. Yup. Per Brandon Huffman on, Darius Bell - the younger brother of former Bruin RB Kahlil Bell - has been cleared for admissions for UCLA. There was murmur about this about four days ago when it was noted on citing CCSF media-relations director Bonta Hill that Bell was "headed to UCLA." Seems officially a done deal now.

UCLA has been eying Darius since this spring. He  finished one season at San Francisco CC where he transferred over from Montana State. He ended up at Montana State because former Bruin OC Jim Svoboda was the OC there at the time (before leaving to become the head coach at Central Missouri). Bell didn't stick around there and came into San Francisco CC without losing any eligibility. On paper and according these highlights Bell looks like a dual threat type of QB (HT BRO):

He ended up throwing for 1,905 yards and 21 touchdowns in 2009 at San Francisco CC. He was picked off 5 times. He also rushed for 870 yards and 12 touchdowns. Bell's athletic skills could be a fit for the new revolver packages coaches are currently integrating into our offensive scheme. However, as mentioned back in April, while those highlights are fun to watch, we cannot get too carried away and need to maintain our perspective wrt to our expectations from him this season.

Still it is really great news and especially interesting to have two JC kids admitted to UCLA on the same day. It is a clear signal to all future JC hopeful angling for future scholies in Westwood that they can make it in, if they stay persistent and diligently follow through the requirements set by UCLA admissions. Congrats to Darius and Casey for making it into Westwood.