NCAA 11: First Look At The Bruins

Bumped. GO BRUINS. -N

Hey everyone; with more and more news about the recruiting class taking shape and more and more word about hype building around the football team, the annual EA Sports game came out right on time!

The first thing I did on the game was fire up the ‘ol Crosstown Rivalry on Heisman (hardest AI Level) and have Kai nail the game winner as time expired.

Next, I thought I could give you guys a look at how this team "feels" this year.

First Impressions:

  1. The running game has improved
  2. The defense has enough talent to keep UCLA in games
  3. Rosario and Embree have an advantage over every team on our schedule (see below)



More after the flip.

Offense: I’m just going to briefly go over the most effective formations, in the game at least, for the Bruins. Click the links to see the videos of the plays I describe.


I Formation:

Passing: Similar to last year, you’re going to get a heavy dose of Play action passes. The ability to use the newly improved running game as a set up will go a long way. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Running: Expect a lot of strong side running this year, the lack of pure talent along the line requires extra bodies, especially against 4-3/ 8 men in the box fronts. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Pistol Formation (Revolver):

Running: The Read Option was the most effective play, by far, in this formation. In the spring game, the "no-contact" rules for the QB harmed the offense, obviously. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Passing: As expected, the quick nature of the play action pass within the Pistol offense allows for a very smooth transition from the fake handoff, to the actual process of throwing the ball. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

Dynasty (Season predictions)

I "simmed" through the season and found these results a little inaccurate...

4-8 (2-7 in conference) Wins vs. Houston, Texas, ASU, USC... that would be nice with that record right?

Kevin Prince: 175-379 1961 yds, 13 TD, 14 int

Jonathan Franklin: 573 yds, 4 TDs, 2.6 ypc

USC Finished 7-5, Washington 12-0 with PAC 10 Title & National Championship. Locker didn’t win the Heisman though...

Comments? Questions? Concerns?

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