Lazeric Jones on Video (and an interesting quote trend)

Yesterday there was some discussion of Point Guard being the key to our success next year.  A person sure to play a key role in the Point Guard Discussion is Lazeric Jones, our new JC transfer. 

Here is some new video  of Lazeric.

There is also some old video of Lazeric here.

A couple observations from these videos.

  • He needs to work on his outside shot. 
  • He is comfortable going to the basket to his left or right. 
  • He is solid physically. 

An interesting theme is developing regarding Lazeric that you will hear but can't see in the videos.  First Lazeric himself.

I wouldn't mind coming in and starting, but I want to do what they need me to do. Coach has a couple of things he's told me he wants me doing - he's real big on my defense, wants me to stay in front of my man. He doesn't want me to be an all-pass guy, he wants me to take shots, and hit shots. But I also want to create for my teammates.

Or this from Lazeric:

Next year, I will try to bring hard work and my toughness on both ends of the court.

Then his JC Coach

He worked hard to improve his basketball skills, particularly on the defensive end and with his decision-making at the point, and he has worked hard in the classroom.


And finally CBH said of him

Lazeric is an outstanding point guard and is a good defender on the ball.

The point?  It is hard to find a quote about Lazeric that does not talk about his defense.  The clips really don't show Defense as they are focused on offense but it seems Lazeric is a real hard worker and believer in defense.  How much? Well, how about the fact he even talks about working on his OFF ball defense.  Lazeric said:

"I need to work on my off the ball defense and deep 3 point shooting."

I don't ever remember a guard saying that at any level.

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