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LA Times Gets Caught With Fabricating UCLA Player's Comments Re. Coach (And Gilbert)

Well looky here. From "for the record" section of the Trojan Times:

John Wooden obituary: The obituary on John Wooden that ran in Section A on June 5 and in a commemorative section June 13 included information attributed to former UCLA basketball player Andy Hill regarding controversial booster Sam Gilbert. The article reported that Hill had told The Times that former team trainer Elvin "Ducky" Drake was something of a watchdog for the team, and that Drake had apparently missed what was going on with Gilbert. Hill says that he did not discuss that with the reporter and that Drake would not have been in a position to do anything to detect Gilbert's involvement or stop Gilbert from any inappropriate action.

This was of course separate from the repackaged smear laiden article Duffresne wrote withing 72 hours of Coach's passing. What is basically the common thread among these smear and hatchet jobs coming from the LA Times is that there is nothing reliable about the quotes we usually read from the hatchet jobs on Coach Wooden.

Ultimately this is what it comes down to. Lot of these clowns are throwing up quotes and inuendos to help orchestrate attacks on Coach in desperate attempts to come up with a faux moral equivalence to justify the shady program over there. Yet when one actually digs into what took place during those days they cannot come up with anything to show that corners were being cut within the NCAA rules that were existence during those days.

If LA Times actually did due diligence they would haverun an entire special section on "for the record" to deal with all the hackish attacks and misinformation they have advanced at the expense of UCLA athletics over the years. The above reference little nugget sticks out as barely the tip of an enormous iceberg of Trojan pimping journalism FAIL.