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Sued By A Former Trojan: Hello Kiffin Continues To Embarrass Himself As A National Pariah

Pop corn time. The Hello Kiffin era continues to get even more hilarious (HT uclanfa11):

The Tennessee Titans are suing Southern California and coach Lane Kiffin for "maliciously" luring away assistant running backs coach Kennedy Pola a week before training camp opens.

Tennessee Football Inc., the company that owns the Titans, filed the lawsuit Monday in Davidson County Chancery Court against both the university and Kiffin.

The lawsuit accuses Southern California and Kiffin of violating Pola's contract that required him to have written permission to discuss a job with anyone other than the Titans.

Tennessee hired Pola as running backs coach in February only to lose him Saturday to Southern California as the Trojans' new offensive coordinator and running backs coach.

"USC and Kiffin maliciously intended to -- and did -- induce Pola to breach the Pola contract," the lawsuit charges.

"USC and Kiffin engaged in improper means in their procurement of the breach and were not legally justified in their actions. Kiffin and USC's actions, through him, were part of a course and pattern of conduct fostered by Kiffin and USC to use improper methods and means to the direct harm and damage of parties to contracts ..."

So Hello Kiffin's arrogant stunts have now resulted in an angry Trogan suing Troy. As Ted Miller wrote (emphasis added):

Fight on! Jeff.

Sniff, sniff: Anyone else smell a PR stunt from the Titans intended to make Volunteers fans -- read: the entire state -- giddy with Schadenfreude?

Well Fisher just became my third favorite Trogan after Ronnie Lott and Tim McDonald (Niner legends and proud father of Bruins). Not sure if this lawsuit is actually viable but it will surely give the Titans a PR boost at the expense of perhaps the most hated sleazeball in the entire game (not just at the college level). Of course we are okay with it. This couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of cheaters. More after the jump.

Just how hated is Hello Kiffin? Just read this grafs from Christopher Gates over at the Daily Norseman (SBN's Minnesota Vikings blog) commenting on Kiffin's failed attempt to lure former Bruin assistant Eric Bieniemy as his OC, before cheating his way to snag Pola (HT Orz):

You would think that a high-profile college profile college football program like the University of Successful Cheaters Southern California would have an offensive coordinator at this point in time.  Unfortunately, when your program is led by Lane Kiffin, who is on his way to becoming the biggest jerk in the ranks of football coaching at any level (if he isn't already there),and your season begins with a trip to Hawai'i on 2 September, this is apparently the appropriate time to hire someone to be your right-hand man on offense.

Obviously, you need someone that's a pretty good coach to fill that sort of role, so it isn't entirely surprising that Kiffin set his sights on Vikings' running back coach Eric Bieniemy.  After all, Bieniemy is regarded as one of the better running back coaches in the NFL. . .save that whole "we need to get Adrian Peterson to stop putting the damn ball on the ground" thing. . .and is said to have a pretty bright future in the coaching ranks.  However, Kiffin followed procedure in this case, and asked the Vikings for permission to speak to Bieniemy about the position.  In response to this, the Vikings thought it in their best interests to give Bieniemy a raise in pay and a promotion to assistant head coach in order to keep him around.  Solid move by Minnesota to keep the man around, in my opinion.

So, Kiffin said to himself, "Hmmmmmm, let's see here. . .I asked the team for permission to speak to a coach, and they did something to keep that coach from leaving.  I think next time I might skip that step."  And so it came to pass that the job was offered to Tennessee Titans' running backs coach Kennedy Pola.  The folks at Music City Miracles really don't seem to be too broken up about it, largely because their old running backs coach (Earnest "The Fumble" Byner) was let go by the Titans this off-season for no real reason so that they could hire Pola.  So now, Pola is out of there before even coaching a game with the Titans.

So now Minnesota football fans thinks he is a clown and a sleazy cheater.  The joker is already hated by the entire state of Tennessee. Raider fans up North hate him. Never mind the impressions of the fans from Florida, Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State and so many other programs around the country, who sees this glorified peon as nothing more than an ignorant, arrogant and pompous jerk.

The more we read about this train-wreck the more we get inspired to start up a BN satellite site: I hope the Trogans are dumb enough to keep this national pariah around for at least 5 years because we have never had this much fun following a bumbling, stumbling Trogan.