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Bruin Recruiting Train Moving Along: San Diego Linebacker Aaron Wallace Commits To UCLA

UCLA's recruiting under Rick Neuheisel continues to move along at a nice and methodical pace. Bruins just picked up its first commitment from the defensive side for the class of 2010. Brandon Huffman from Bruin Report reports that Aaron Wallace, the three-star linebacker from San Diego (Calif.) Rancho Bernardo, committed to our Bruins today over his Dad's alma mater Texas A&M.

Wallace becomes the 6th commitment for the class of 2011 (well he would have been 7 th but we will let Junior Pomee take his time). I thought his comments about where he envisions himself at UCLA were pretty interesting (excerpting here as the story is not behind any firewall):

"I think it will be strongside where I'll play, where Akeem Ayers is at," said Wallace. "Whatever decision he makes, I'll move accordingly, but it wouldn't be bad to have a year behind him."

Well hopefully Wallace along with the entire football program is already re-recruiting Akeem so that he does get that extra year behind perhaps the best SLB in the conference. That's a topic for another day though. Here are video highlights of Aaron:

No music, just pure football in that clip. We have a little more on the latest Bruin commit after the jump.

Wallace told Brandon his reasons for picking Bruins:

"I'm picking UCLA," said Wallace. "I really think that the academics are really good there, and being close to home and being close to my family is important. With UCLA, I really want a school that I can say I'll be proud to have gone to."

Wallace said he felt the obvious pressure of playing for A&M.

"Yeah, my dad, he wanted me to go to A&M and has been recruiting me to there," said Wallace. "But the decision was for me. I felt the pressure and he said it was always ‘Aaron Jr's decision'.

Sure wish Ray McCallum Sr. and Ernie Zeigler were thinking that way too. Oh wait, that's another sport. Never mind. Anyway, here is also a work out video that Aaron put together himself:

Besides the Aggies, Wallace was also carrying an offer from University of Washington. We are glad he is going to join us as a Bruin. Welcome to Westwood Aaron.