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Stumped: (He)Lane of Troy Calls For A Lifeline During Pac-10 Media Day Q&A

Pac-10 coaches are wrapping up their media tour today with the LA media day at the Rose Bowl. Somehow we knew Hello Kiffin was not going to disappoint. Apparently he was the only coach who came out wearing glasses during the press conferences (waiting for wire footage). He then had to call for help from a grown-up - his SID - when asked a simple question:

Kiffin on debunking one myth about himself: "Wow. Where's my SID, you didn't prepare me for that one. What would be one myth? I'm gonna have to think about that. There are a lot of them out there."

Per Ted Miller Kiffin said he just "didn't know" about the myths about him "out there." He was also asked about transfers and came up with standard "didn't want to compete" lame excuse:

Kiffin on transfers: "The difficult thing was these sanctions, and I don't know if it was why they did it, but we created free agency in college football. There's no salary cap on. Our players can leave at any time to go anywhere. You saw a number of guys leave who weren't very excited about playing time. The penalty is about the ban, but every guy I talked to said they thought they could go and get more playing time. When they made these decisions, they'd have to leave something valuable, they'd be leaving a degree at USC."

LOL, right. I am sure Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, and OJ Simpson are really remembered for that "degree" from Southern Cal.