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Re. Matt Barkley And His "Guarantee" V. UCLA

Well, well. Looky here.  Earlier today we exposed Adam Maya as a Trogan hack. Well it appears that he is just a boilerplate hack trolling for cheap hits. Look at the headline this Trogan brain surgeon came up with today:

Well we don't care much for Matt Barkley here on BN. However, to be fair to him (and I know there is no need for mercy or fairness to Trojans), this is exactly what he said:

"I know we beat them last year and we're going to do the same this year," Barkley said at Pac-10 Media Day on Thursday. "Just sitting here at this Rose Bowl, I realized this earlier, one of our goals is to own the Rose Bowl. We can't play in the bowl game this year. But our last game of the year is against UCLA in this stadium, which is going to be something special, especially for our seniors. It's always a great game and it's going to be another great game this year."

Truthfully you can't really fault for what he said here. Yeah, the part about "owning" the Rose Bowl is very Cheatey Petey like. Yet techically he didn't say anything about guaranteeing a win. So this is classic hackery from Adam Maya, who seems to be intent on making a complete fool of himself infront of the entire LA fan base. He is getting ripped by Trogans even in his comment thread.

All that said, thanks Adam for that awesome screenshot. LOL. That will come in very handy for our coaches. We expect nothing less from a petty Trogan with a vendetta against UCLA. Oh, and we are not going to have any shortage of ammunition of inspiration against Barkley and his Trogans. Why? Just take a look after the flip.

We are going to be living with this until those guys come into the Rose Bowl:

127 more days.