Rats Off Kiffin's Ship: Southern Cal Loses Another Player to Transfer

This is going great!  Screw the Trojans.  Every time I hear of another player transferring, I get very happy.  All I can say is it is all KARMA!  Just saw this from the WWL:

USC defensive end Malik Jackson said Monday he will transfer to Tennessee, becoming the second Trojan to take advantage of NCAA-instituted bylaws that allow USC juniors and seniors to transfer without sitting out a year.

The news was first reported by ESPN The Magazine's Bruce Feldman.

As hard as USC tries to play the local media in announcing that no players are expected to transfer, it is happening.  Jordan Campbell is leaving.  Glen Stanley is leaving.  Now Malik Jackson is gone.  Seantel Henderson is all but gone after visiting Miami this week.  Also didn't know that Marquis Jackson never made it to campus and signed with Texas Southern earlier this month.  That is 5 guys that the hated one's were counting on in some form this year, and now they are "outta there".  Believe me, there are more to come.  

They may not be star players, but the beautiful thing about this is that usually if a program loses players of that caliber, it isn't that big of a deal because it just opens up scholies for the next year.  However, with the sanctions that the Trogans got this year, there is no replacing of anybody.  When a player transfers, any player, it kills them cause they only get those 15 scholarships for the next 3 years.  Those spots are going to have to be filled by walk-on's or less talented players.  While I might feel sorry for some programs, not that one. They are getting their just rewards for basically cheating their way to the top.  

What is amazing to me is that the scholarship penalties will have tremendous effects on them for 4-5 years.  Much more so than the bowl ban.  Why would any good player, especially a stud RB or QB want to go their knowing that they won't be able to produce depth on the offensive line........which is the most important position for those guys and their success.  Also, they are so thin at linebacker that if they get one or two injuries, watch out they will have to suit up safeties to play the linebacker spot.  

Also, these are just transfers we are talking about.  Wait until they start getting the usual and normal training camp injuries that every program gets.  They have absolutely zero depth, and won't for years to come, to overcome those types of injuries.  Why any young stud player would want to go their is beyond me...........but hey, SIGN ON!!

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