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[UPDATE] Seantrel Henderson Is Gone: Released From His LOI By Southern Cal

<em>Hello Kiffin's "education" pitch doesn't seem to be working on Seantrel Henderson and other Trogans jumping ship.</em>
Hello Kiffin's "education" pitch doesn't seem to be working on Seantrel Henderson and other Trogans jumping ship.

Hello Kiffin's Troy continues to burn. Per Joe Schad on tWWL:

USC will release Seantrel Henderson from his national LOI today Lane Kiffin told me

So much for all the PR pumped fake bravado in this joke LA Times article entitled "Trojans confident they can 're-recruit' top prospect Seantrel Henderson."

Remember just days ago with read the infamous laugh graphs written by Trogan stenographer Gary Klein:

"I hope in the end Seantrel sees what every other freshman in this class has… that one or two games isn't why you choose a university," Kiffin said. "They didn't come to SC because of a bowl game the first or second year. They came here because of the education; they came here because of the football program."

Ed Orgeron, USC's recruiting coordinator, is similarly optimistic.

"There's no question in my mind that I know USC is the best decision for Seantrel and his family," Orgeron said. "He always wanted to come here, and I think once he gets on campus and visits again with coaches and teammates in the No. 1 recruiting class, which he helped recruit, he's going to be here."

Something tells me the comedy hour is just getting started with these clowns in charge over at Southern Cal.


UPDATE (N): And here is the official statement from Hello Kiffin:

"As of 1:30 p.m, we are releasing Seantrel Henderson out of his national letter of intent with zero penalties and no restrictions," Kiffin said. "Seantrel has been great through the whole process and we wish him the best of luck in his decision."

Henderson could not be reached for comment.

But what about that Trogan "education" Lane?