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Trogan Number 6 Bolts Hello Kiffin's Sinking Ship

<em>One Trogan after another is running away from (He)Lane of Troy</em>
One Trogan after another is running away from (He)Lane of Troy

Yet another Trogan is running away from (He)Lane of Troy:

Redshirt freshman Byron Moore is no longer a member of the USC football team and has enrolled at L.A. Harbor College, his father confirmed to SCPlaybook on Wednesday.

"He wants a fresh start," Byron Moore Sr. said of his son’s decision. "He’ll be alright."

The 6-1, 205-pound defensive back was a key member of USC’s star-studded 2009 recruiting class that was ranked as the ninth best in the nation by

Wonder if he can handle playing football without a salary. In all seriousness, this one is going to also leave a mark as Ted Miller notes Moore "was listed No. 2 on the post-spring depth chart behind Jawanza Starling." We might be looking at walk on territory very soon.

Moore of course was one time Bruin commit, before bolting for Pete Carroll's Trojans.  He becomes Trogan number 6 to leave or wanting out of Troy. Malik Jackson is gone. Jordan Campbell is out. Seantrel is history. Glen Staley wants out. Marquis Jackson never made it in. Rumor circulating all over the interwebs that we might not be done yet.