Trogan #7 on the way out

HT to bruinbunz for linking this in the D Baxter is a liar thread. BSPN "reporter" Schilly Smith writes that DJ Shoemate is leaving *$c to transfer to Connecticut. Following the first 6, this makes lucky number 7 to escape the Titanic.

Shoemate says this is a "business decision", using the transfer option as an opportunity to get to play running back, noting that *$c's depth at that position saw him playing fullback and receiver last season (never mind that he was competing to be starting RB in 2010 ).

Oh, if you only held on another week, DJ, maybe you'd be taking direct snaps.

My favorite quote of his:

"I have much love for the USC," he said.

I wonder if "the USC" is anywhere near the Iraq.

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