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Couple Of Revealing Notes On Kevin Prince

As noted by Coach Rick Neuheisel in yesterday's post practice presser Kevin Prince sat out third day of pre-season camp due to "a pulled oblique muscle." Per CRN it wasn't anything serious and Prince should be back soon. Anyway, Prince has been the subject of number of profiles this week in various articles covering the start of UCLA's camp. Ramona Shellburne from ESPNLA wrote up one of those profiles and she came up with couple of interesting bit of information. She gave us some info. on the close relationship between Coach Norm Chow and Prince:

When Prince was deciding whether to take his Mormon mission a few years ago, he leaned heavily on Chow.

When Chow was weighing whether to join Lane Kiffin's staff at USC this offseason, he reached out to Prince.

"I feel like we're pretty close," Prince said. "We're of the same faith, and that connects us. During the offseason, if we haven't seen each other for a week or so, he'll give me a call just to check in and see how I'm doing.

"I just feel like we're on the same page. When you're with a coach in meetings through three years, you get to know how he talks and you adopt the same type of language."

I am guessing the relationship between Chow and Prince was also one of the major reasons (along with his relationship with CRN which has always been under-rated or discounted by tradmed), Chow offered his recent indication of staying in Westwood for at least two more years. There was another interesting detail about Prince from that Shelburne piece which I well get to after the jump.

There was also the following nuggets about the leadership Prince showed organizing this year's off-season workouts:

"If someone didn't show up or someone was late, he'd get on you about it," junior wide receiver Taylor Embree said. "He'd call you and ask where you were or why you were late. We needed that.

"At the end of summer, no one was missing, no one was showing up late. You could just tell that he's leading the team and leading the offense."

Now the question is: Just how far can Kevin Prince take them?

Can't wait to find out.