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It's Official: Tyus Edney - Mr. 4.8 Seconds - Returning To UCLA

<em>He is coming home!</em>
He is coming home!

Guess we have a good sense of timing. lol. It's true. This is happening. Tyus Edney, a living Bruin legend and one of our favorite Bruins of all time is coming back home to Westwood. We connected the dots earlier this afternoon and now it has become official.

Edney is returning where it all began as the latest member of Ben Howland's staff at UCLA.Specifically Tyus is going to replace Joe Hillock as the Director of Basketball Operations ("DBO") at UCLA. Not clear where Hillock is going but reading between the lines he is probably moving on to a great opportunity for him, opening up the door for a return of legend to Westwood.

The official release is not out yet. We got the news via this official tweet:

M. Basketball. It's official! Tyus Edney is our new Director of Operations. News release to follow.

We will post the release when it is out.  Here is the official release and welcome from Coach Howland:

"I'm really excited that Tyus is joining our staff and returning to the UCLA men's basketball program," Howland said. "He's a Bruin through and through having graduated from UCLA and brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to the program. I feel our student-athletes will benefit greatly from dealing with Tyus on a daily basis because he has experienced the things they will experience here at UCLA."

"He's had an illustrious professional career both in the NBA and overseas," Howland added. "I'm very excited that he's back home."

And Edney's statement:

"I'm really excited because this is something that I've always wanted to do," Edney said. "I'm very fortunate to be ending my pro career now with this opportunity presenting itself. I'm thankful that Coach Howland gave me this opportunity and has the confidence that I can bring something new and exciting to this great program."

Welcome home number 11 (who brought home banner number 11).

As mentioned in previous post this is going to fire up the entire Bruin Nation. This will help the development of our young guards. It will go long way in leaving no doubt about how UCLA is the ultimate Point Guard U.

Time to celebrate. What a fantastic move by Coach Howland.


UPDATE (N): As DBO per our conversation with UCLA folks, Edney’s duties will include but not limited to assisting “with various logistics associated with the program, assisting the coaches and student-athletes with various tasks, acting as a liaison with other departments in athletics and in the university."  Also, while it is true that Edney cannot coach and cannot recruit off-campus as the DBO, he can meet and speak to recruits on campus just like any university employee. GO BRUINS.