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Prince's Injury (Again)

Just a couple of notes this morning. If you want news and updates on Prince's condition, one place you probably shouldn't go is the LA Times. A story was posted a couple of days ago mentioning Prince's injury and I figured perhaps they had something new to tell us:

UCLA quarterback Kevin Prince threw a short pass during an 11-on-11 drill Wednesday morning.

His back hurt.

Prince went through a second practice, throwing lightly five minutes on the sidelines.

His back hurt.

Prince finished practice and said that his back hurt.

That was Chris Foster. Thanks Chris...for showing us your Bill Plaschke imitation. Click through if you want another dozen or so painfully short paragraphs with no new information in them.

At least Peter Yoon from the ESPNLA blog is reading between the lines and giving us something useful. While the news the Prince will likely be out for Saturday isn't a shocker to anyone here, it's still disappointing. Fortunately, with the reports coming out everywhere, including from our contributors right here on BN (thanks again, everyone), there will still be plenty to see out at Drake tomorrow afternoon. Also on the injury front:

In other injury news, linebacker Patrick Larimore returned to practice after missing almost a week because of a strained hamstring. Offensive lineman Eddie Williams sat out of the short-yardage scrimmage and went to the training room with what Neuheisel called "concussion-like symptoms." Darius Savage replaced Williams on the first-team line. 

The other news coming out of yesterday is goal line/short yardage situations where the unit that had the advantage came out the victor. Yeah, that sounds like it should be obvious, but with the offensive red zone problems we've had these past few years fresh in our memories, it was good to hear that the offense was at least able to punch it in.

The offense scored three touchdowns in the goal-line scrimmage that lasted about 10 plays, though a Johnathan Franklin touchdown run was called back because of holding. When the offense was backed up, the defense produced at least two safeties. 

We've got just a couple more practices today and then scrimmage tomorrow. If you're out there for any of it, any reports or pictures you can bring back would be much appreciated.