UCLA's 2010 Preseason Scrimmage Numbers: Impressive Brehaut

The official site posted the statlines from Saturday's scrimmage. The numbers are pretty impressive for UCLA's offense:

Statistical Summary

Richard Brehaut 11-16--186---3 td-1 int
Darius Bell 4-8--28---1 td-1 int
Nick Crissman 3-6--26---0 td-0 int

Malcolm Jones 11-59 yards
Johnathan Franklin 6-10 yards
Derrick Coleman 2-3 yards

Nelson Rosario 4--80---1 Td
Anthony Barr 3--27 - 1 Td
Christian Ramirez 3--52- 0 td
Morrell Presley 2-12-0 td
Randall Carroll 1--36 - 1 Td
Ricky Marvray 1--18 - 0 td
Tayor Embree 1--18- 1 td

Scoring Summary
Randall Carroll 26 yard pass from Richard Brehaut
Kai Forbath 37-yard field goal
Kai Forbath 42-yard field goal
Taylor Embree 18 yard pass from Richard Brehaut
Nelson Rosario 2-yard pass from Richard Brehaut
Anthony Barr 11-yard pass from Darius Bell

Dalton Hilliard - 1
Tony Dye - 1

One thing that stands out right away. 3 of the 4 leading receivers are from the much talked about F-back position. I would defer to the guys who actually saw the team's scrimmage with their own eyes but on paper it sure appears coaches are paying close attention to this position.

Also would have been interesting to know whether any of the QBs had rushing yardage. I imagine they were scrambling around a bit when opportunities presented themselves but couldn't find any numbers on that. Speaking of numbers, the passing yardage was especially impressive from Richard Brehaut who had this to say about his performance with Jon Gold:

The way Brehaut has stepped up in recent days has been pretty cool. Let's hope rest of his team-mates are taking their cues from him on how to take advantage of opportunities of added reps during these practices.


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