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Spaulding Roundup: QB Updates, LB Competition & Other UCLA Notes

<em>Little more than 8 days to go until Jared Koster (48), Todd Golper (55) and 	Isaiah Bowens (58) appear in UCLA road unis in Manhattan. Photo Credit: Erkki Corpuz.</em>
Little more than 8 days to go until Jared Koster (48), Todd Golper (55) and Isaiah Bowens (58) appear in UCLA road unis in Manhattan. Photo Credit: Erkki Corpuz.

Let's start with what else the latest on the QB situation.  ESPNLA describes the situation "in limbo" for now, which is not any different from where it was yesterday.  The LA Times reports that Kevin Prince has a "small tear in a muscle in his back" but it then adds this:

"The doctor said that Kevin will be ready to play," Coach Rick Neuheisel insisted after practice Thursday. "They said they can have him ready to throw by Tuesday."

Prince stepped up his throwing Tuesday but had it reduced a day later. On Thursday, he ran two dozen plays in 11-on-11 drills but threw only four short passes. Prince threw two swing passes, a quick out and a screen.

"This is a three-week deal," Neuheisel said about the injury. "And we're at three weeks."

Would be more interested in hearing from doctors on BN (hello gbruin!) about their thoughts in this kind of injury. In the meantime, I don't think it's the end of the world if Prince misses out on today's "scrimmage" at the Rose Bowl and gets in another couple of days of rest.

Sure Kevin Prince is going to miss out on the "simulated" game conditions at the Rose Bowl. However, for someone like him who has already started bunch of games last season, if he is ready to go by next week, we are going to be all right.  So at this point it doesn't make a lot of sense to come to any definitive conclusions until coaches have had a chance to hold first practice (with KSU game plan installed) on Monday.

As Prince continues to gets treatment, Richard Brehaut continues to prepare and get ready should the coaches call on him in little more than a week. From Peter Yoon on ESPNLA:

[ B]rehaut has improved and steadily grown confidence with an increased number of looks at live defenses. He's reading the coverages better, finding his second and third receivers more quickly and delivering a higher percentage of well-thrown passes.

"I wouldn't say night and day, but I would say absolutely totally different," Brehaut said when asked to compare the player he is now with the one who started Fall camp. "With all the reps I've gotten, I've just gotten that much better. More comfortable in the role."

Brehaut's team-mates are also feeling comfortable with his leadership:

"He has has definitely shown that he's capable of leading the team," receiver Taylor Embree said. "He's made some terrific throws and I think this camp he's made some terrific progress. He's definitely gained the trust of the receivers, the O-Line and the coaches so we're not worried about it. We know that if we don't have KP that Brehaut can get it done."

Perhaps this is a reason why CRN is sounding calm following practices. Here he was yesterday talking about getting number of guys backs in practices (Jordon James and Malcolm Jones returned after nursing their camp bruises):

Also, speaking of returning from injuries, Gold noted "Joseph Fauria got the most reps he's gotten since the beginning of camp, and looked pretty good." Fauria is "not 100 percent" yet but coaches are expecting him to get ready.

Glenn Love also switched out of his no-hit red jersey yesterday (after taking it easy from a "strained neck"). He is engaged in a heated battle for the WLB spot with Sean Westgate. Also, too close to call in terms of positional battle right now is the Mike LB spot where Patrick Larimore and Steve Sloane are going at it. Larimore sat out few practices with a nagging injury (I believe a groin injury) but now he is back full speed and going right against Sloan for a starting spot against Kansas State. Should be interested how these two battle play out. I have a feeling regardless who wins, the second team guy is going to get his share of time in our defensive rotations.

CRN also talked about dealing with the heat and humidity out in the Great Plains. Guess we will have to check the weather for Manhattan starting next week. It also means, coaches will be looking for everyone to chip in so that we can keep our guys as fresh as possible against a well coached Wildcats football team.