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Spaulding Roundup: Scrimmage Highlights, Brehaut/Prince Watch & Other UCLA Notes

<em>Just one more week to go till number 10 is unleashed on LIVE opponents. Photo Credit: <a href="" target="new">dabruins07 (flickr)</a></em>
Just one more week to go till number 10 is unleashed on LIVE opponents. Photo Credit: dabruins07 (flickr)

So the Bruins had a walkthrough scrimmage at the Rose Bowl yesterday without any tackling. There were couple of important reasons behind having this closed scrimmage at the Rose Bowl (away from not just the fans but also reporters):

  • Bruins got to practice at the wider field than they are accustomed to at Spaulding. This is crucial for lot of the new guys who are going to get their first taste of live college action in Manhattan next Saturday (!)
  • Bruins also got to accustom themselves to hot conditions as the temperate around Arroyo Seco is always higher than the cool, breeze conditions in Paradise err Westwood. Right now its projected to be in the 90s in Manhattan next Saturday. Of course that could all change, but it's something we need to take into account for an afternoon start.

Kevin Prince as expected didn't participate in the scrimmage (more on him after the flip). In Prince's absence Richard Brehaut had another solid day. Here are the toplines from ESPNLA's scrimmage notes:

--Richard Brehaut completed about 65-70% of his passes, Coach Rick Neuheisel said, including a touchdown. "I thought he was really good," Neuheisel said. "He looked sharp."

--Tight End Joe Fauria, who missed much of Fall camp with a groin strain, was at full strength for Friday's scrimmage at the Rose Bowl, but there was a "little rust on him," Neuheisel said. "He had one chance to catch a ball and he dropped it so I know he's angry at himself. But he got probably 20 plays, which is great."

--Receiver Ricky Marvray had at least three receptions during the scrimmage Neuheisel said, an indicator that he is recovered from back spasms that kept him from practicing early this week.

File all of them in good news category. Kai Forbath sat yesterday out with his ongoing nagging groin issues but CRN mentioned he should be ready. Jordon James also "looked good" getting 10-12 carries yesterday. More after the jump.

As for Prince, here is CRN's kicker quote:

"I had such little muscle in my life, I had little idea how much this takes. I think it's a pain tolerance. Everybody's on the same page with respect to it is what it is. When he feels comforabtle, he'll come back."

LOL. On a more serious note it looks like CRN is looking for Prince to get back "in drill work" by this Monday:

"'We're resting him through the weekend, then start him in drill work on Monday. You make it a little different because of his experience. He's played. You're more willing to be a little bit tolerant. You're factoring his X-factor, which is experience."

It appears Wednesday will be the key date in terms of knowing whether or not Prince will be available for Kansas State:

"I'm going to let a few more days go by before we make that determination. Coaches always say you want them there by Wednesday, and that's what I'd say. Obviously you'd like to see him earlier.

Either way Brehaut is going to be ready:

[N]euheisel said, "While he's not the polished diamond yet, he has made such improvement that I don't think anyone here doubts that he can go in there and do very well."

Bruins safety Rahim Moore toyed with Brehaut on the practice field a year ago. During one practice, Moore broke up a pass play and teasingly shouted across the line, "Just give up."

"But when he comes to the line now, he's aware of everything," Moore said. "The way he's throwing the ball now, I've seen him put it in the tightest places."

Hope Brehaut stays focused and keep it up. Despite his improvement we should keep in mind he won't have the experience of Kevin Prince. That could have an impact on the final outcome of the game. Meanwhile, if Prince is not fully healthy for Kansas State, I rather have the coaches sit him out and get him as 100 percent possible for the Stanford game.

To me Stanford is the game that will have more ramifications on what happens in our young season than what takes place in Manhattan (if anyone wants to argue otherwise they should take note of what happened to the Ducks in their first game against Boise State last season).